Angular panel cutting system

Machine cat.Angular panel cutting system
TypeAT 580/230
Dimensions5800 x 2300 x 160 mm
Machine groupSplitting/Saws

Product information "Angular panel cutting system"

Schelling Angular Cutting System  AT 580/230, with Vacuum infeed and manual Stacking


1. Technical data


  Saw blade diameter:                                                              530 mm


  Saw blade above table max.: (saw blade projection)               160 mm

  Clamp opening max.:                                                            160 mm

  Clamp opening min.:                                                              4 mm


  Motor capacity - main saw at 50 Hz                                        24 kW


  Feed speed saw unit to the front:                                                       5-60 m/min

  Feed speed saw unit return:                                                               5-60 m/min


  Feed speed pusher unit to the front:                                                  0 - 60 m/min

  Feed speed pusher unit return:                                                           0 - 60 m/min    


  Extraction connections:

  Longitudinal saw and cross cut saw each:                              2 x Ø 150 mm                                                                                                                                     2 x Ø 100 mm                                                                        

  Working height Longitudinal saw:        950 mm

                          Transverse saw:  

  Construction height:                                       max. 2500 mm


  Installation of plant on the floor with pits for lifting tables


  Electric capacity:                               approx. 200 kW / incl. Hogger


  Electrics:                                           400 V / 50 Hz


  Compressed air:                                 approx.. 250 l/min at 6 bar


  Operating pressure:                            min. 6 bar excess pressure


  Extraction:                                         approx. 12000 m3/h

  Air speed:                                          30 m/s


  Vacuum:                                            2500 Pascal at the saws







2. Data and requirements for panels ( raw and laminated panels)  


  Panels            Length             width                thickness          book height     

                        (mm)                (mm)                (mm)                 (mm)        


  chipboard     2000 - 5600        1000 - 2200       6 - 50               max. 152         



  Panel stack height:                             max. 1000 mm incl. cover board              


  Slanted position of stack height:        ±  70 mm         

  Slanted position of stack height :       <   30 mm        


  Infeed roller conveyor height:              approx.. 250 mm


  Panel edges:                                      edge cut



Modular Control System  

  Software for panel cutting system with Siemens S7 Soft SPS