CNC machining center

Machine cat.CNC machining center
TypeBima 610V 140/600
Dimensions1400 x 6000mm, 100mm
Machine groupCNC Working centers / Stationary Processing

Product information "CNC machining center"


CNC machining center
IMA BIMA 610 V 140/600

Machine in CE-execution

Traversing in X 7700 mm
Traversing in Y 1900 mm
Traversing in Z 440 mm

Working area in the X direction with standard units 6000 mm
Working area in the Y direction with standard units 1400 mm
Max. working height from upper edge suction plate Z1 100 mm
                                                                                            Z2 depending on equipment / application

Alternating field area
without pendulum machining     2 x 2650mm
with pendulum machining          2 x 2320 mm

Feed drive:
Track speed                    max. 40 m / min.
Rapid traverses X / Y axis        80 m / min.
Rapid traverse the Z-axis          25 m / min


Chip conveyor with chip removal device

2 Vacuum pumps per 100 m³ / h

1 fixed stop right and left in X direction
8 adjustable work piece supports (brackets) with one front stop each
8 sets suction plates, consisting of 12 x 140 x 114 x 100 mm and
                                                                   8 x 125 x  75 x 100 mm

Main spindle milling motor 7.5 kW in S-1 operation, with HSK 63 reception, from 1,500 to 18,000 rpm
Machine with C-axis
Additional NC axis in the Y direction for edge banding
18-fold tool changer, at support moving in X-direction

Gluing unit with glue application to the edge banding material
Edge thickness from 0.4 to 3 mm
Edge height 14 - 44 mm
4-sided banding and all around banding on butt joint

6-fold coil magazine, vertical, with strip feed and reinforced cutting knife
Coil diameter 850 mm

Adapter aggregates:
- Saw, 90 degree fixed
- 2 x Adapter units for flush trimming or chamfer milling
  Units with extended tracing shoes for processing 45 ° pointedly glued work pieces
- 2 x Adapter units Profile scraper
  Units with extended tracing shoes for processing 45 ° pointedly glued work pieces
- Extension to profile scraper or flush trimming can be used as a combined unit
- Extension: self-tracing flat scraper with 2 air nozzles
- 1 adapter unit for horizontal milling cutters (corner notching)

Other units:
- 2 vertical drilling units, 7 spindlig, each individually controllable, 1 1 KW, 150 Hz,
  1 x Arrangement in X- , 1 x arrangement inY- direction
- Reserve space for 5er drilling in X
Further equipment features:
- IMAwinCAD for Bima machines with gluing
- LED set-up aid for displaying the positions for support arms and vacuum clamping elements
- Aut. Suction cup programming in IMAWOP / IMAwinCAD- Electrical preparation LED setup aid
- Measuring tracer

Safety devices:
3-part electrical floor mats at front of the machine,
Protective fences on the right and left

400 V, 50 Hz