Paternoster High Performance Feeding Plant

Machine cat.Paternoster High Performance Feeding Plant
TypeBM 33 3000/1300
Machine groupMaterial handling - Conveying equipment

Product information "Paternoster High Performance Feeding Plant"

in pitless execution

cross-feeding over floor from 2 stacking places,

without waiting time at stack change

2 stacking places with lifting platforms over floor

vacuum bars for the panel reception from the stack

panel transport on sliding bars by means of circulating dogs


Working mode:

stack infeed from deposit roller conveyro in front of the plant;

transport of the empty protective panels or pallets onto separate roller conveyors;

vacuum removal of 1 to 6-row stacks with 2 vacuum bars and following lay-down onto sliding bars;

horizontal transport by dogs;

vertical transport with following panel lay-down onto deposit and outfeed belt conveyor;

transport on a separate dosage belt conveyor for the single-out of the multi-row stacks


Performance: max. 28 cycles/min;

max. 25 cycles/min at 2 pieces in horiz. line

stack precision: +/- 25 mm on all sides


consisting of:

- 2 lifting platforms 3300 x 1500 mm

- 4 vacuum bars (2 per stacking place)

- 1 horizontal transport with servo drive

- 2 paternoster walls, 1 x fixed, 1 x with motor-driven adjustment and electron. positioning

- 2 autom. sliding doors, pneum. operated with stacking infeed automatism