CNC Working Center

Machine cat.CNC Working Center
Dimensions2400 x 750 x 33 mm
Machine groupCNC Working Centers/Stationary Processing

Product information "CNC Working Center"

Weeke PROFILINE ABS 210 CNC Working Centre

for processing rectangular furniture fronts from above and below
- Vertical drilling from above.
- Vertical drilling from below.
- Pressing of cup hinges (in two variants A / B) from below.
- Cutting grooves for drawer bottoms (in X-direction) from below.
- Milling of recesses for handles.

Max. Work areas:
X 2400 mm
Y 750 mm
Z 33 mm
equal to the maximum size of a single furniture front.

- Powercontrol system with
  Woodwop, machine data acquisition, production list
- Machine table with work piece clamping system
- Drilling unit, vertical from above, 1.5 kW, 3 spindles, individually retrievable
- 2 Milling units from above, 6 kW, hydraulic clamping system ETP
- Drilling unit vertically from below, 12 drill spindles individually retrievable
- Groove saw from below, 90 ° swiveling
- Drilling unit, vertical from below, 3 spindles, for cup hinge drilling
- Hinge insertion unit from below
- Hopper feed conveyor for cup hinges