Machine cat.Multifoiler
TypeBTF 1528-1400 flowline
Dimensions1250 x 2550 mm
Machine groupLaminating

Product information "Multifoiler"

Line for membrane-free thermoforming and lamination of flat and profiled MDF boards with thermoplastic foils - with a fully automated multi-pin system

Line consisting of:
- Foil unwinding station / paternoster
  with cutter for 21 rolls of film
- Foil discharge device / discharging
  For discharging with static charging, avoiding film contamination
- Foil indication device
- Automatic foil feed device for paternoster
- Receipt and loading device - Bürkle Multi-PIN system
  Fully automatic support system for the membrane-free coating of milled MDF parts
- Loading station with unloading station for the plates and turning device
- 2-storey transport system
- Bürkle multifoiler BTF 1528-1400
  Technical specifications:
  Dimensions of the heating plates 1500 x 2800 mm
  Loading side 1500 mm
  Max. Temperature of the heating plates 150ºC
  Max. Compressed air 6 bar
  Installed heating power of the upper heating plate 31 kW
  Operating side on the right

 - Bürkle multi-turning
  Automatic turning station for film-coated batches of parts
- Belt transport (cutting station) in the longitudinal direction
- Switch cabinet

Electrics:  400V, 50HZ, 3Ph

Technical specification of the materials:
1) Surface material
Good industrial film quality from the roll or cut to size
a) PVC film 0.30 - 1.0 mm
b) High-gloss film 0.5 - 1.0 mm
c) PET film 0.35-0.6 mm
All foils are suitable for the Bürkle thermoforming process
Thicker foils on request

2) carrier material
MDF boards, with smooth or profiled surface
Thickness tolerances +/- 0.15 mm
Plate temperature approx. + 18ºC
Moisture content of the panels approx. 6 - 8%

3) glues
a) Dispersion glue 80 - 150 g / m2
for foils, one-component or two-component polyurethane adhesive