CNC drilling and inserting machine

Machine cat.CNC drilling and inserting machine
Machine groupBoring and Dowel/Hinge Inserting

Product information "CNC drilling and inserting machine"

1 used CNC – Boring and Dowel Inserting Machine ELKO Type PTP   # 46641

YOM 1998,  rebuilt in July 2011

Work piece width          1000mm

Machne length:             3.150 mm

Width:                          1.850 mm

Height:                         2.100 mm

Weight:                        approx.: 1.000kg

Free programming, up to 99 programs operating


The work pieces are pressed against the linear fence. The working cycle is started by

foot pedal. Clamping cylinders move downwards and the work piece is fixed, boring

unit / dowel inserting unit are processing the work piece according to program.


Machine equipment:

- Horizontal boring with 2 boring tools, center distance 32mm Raster and one

  single   unit

- Horizontal dowel inserting unit with glue aplication

- Glue pump 1:1

- 4 Clamping cylinders

- 2 Foot switches for left / right hand side operation

- Y-axis (Boring depth) manual adjustment

- Z-axis NC - controlled (vertical)

- X-axis CNC - Servo (horizontal)

- ELKO SER control


Equipment horizontal boring station:

- Motor: 1,6 kW, 400v, 50 Hz, 2.800/min

- Double acting cylinder, stroke 50 mm

- Boring depth control

- Boring head: 3 spindles, centers 32mm + 64mm, reception 10mm

- Extraction: 1 x 80mm to the bottom


Equipment dowel inserting station:

- 1 Dowel glue unit, glue amount adjustable

- 1 Glue pump 1:1

- Vibrating hopper feed and single drop device

- Dowel dimension: Length 40mm, diameter 8 + 10 mm


Equipment CNC-linear axis:

- Moving distance X                 1.200 mm

- Moving speed:                       750 mm/s

- Acceleration time:                   0,2 s

- Delaying time:                                    0,2 s

- Repetition precision:               0,1 mm


With direct current servo motor with resolver und transistor inverter in digital